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This is the truth about climate change

Climate change is here with us and the earlier we accept that the better. Despite all the conspiracies being put forward as possible reasons for the unprecedented change in global climatic patterns, the most substantive scientific evidences point to anthropogenic activities as the driving force behind the devastation that is global climate change. Prior to the Stockholm Conference of 1972, the world had not come to accept the fact that unsustainable human activities were in fact responsible for such effects as the prolonged periods of acid rain in Scandinavia and Europe. All the pointers were very clear as to just how much devastation was being caused by humans to the environment. Just like those days when humans failed to recognise the effects of rapid industrialisation on the environment, to date there are still quite a number who are still adamant that climate change is a phenomenon that is entirely attributable to natural causes and that all the efforts being put in place by climate change activists and environmentalists are some form of paranoia that are being driven by those who are against development.

Be informed and take action

True to fact, there have been quite a number of theories developed in support of such assertions, but the truth of the matter is that they are based more on abstract reasoning than tangible scientific reasoning. However, the saddest thing is that there are still quite a number of people in the world who are totally clueless as to why there should be any debate about global climate change in the first place. These are the groups of people who view such debates as nothing more than "politics of the environment" and that therefore they have no role to play in it. As long as such people are still living comfortable lives and live in denial or even worse ignorance of the importance of having their voices heard, they will keep mum and remain in their comfort zones; at least until reality catches up with them.

It is quite unfortunate that a good number of us have left it all to the "experts" and activists to carry on with the debate on climate change and push forward the agenda for sustainable development. Unlike politics where we can choose to waiver our right to participate or vote, global climate change affects us all and if you still are of the opinion that you are safe then you can bet on it to catch up with you because certainly no one lives in a vacuum. It is therefore imperative for every human being to take action aimed at saving not only our generation but also the subsequent generations from the devastation of global climate change. We believe that action can only be taken by empowered and informed people and that is why we have this forum to take part in discussions and lobby for action against climate change. The only way we can be able to salvage this planet and save it from endless deforestation, famine, rising sea level flooding and so on is if we take action.

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I am so glad that I found such a great site where I can get all my questions answered about the environment and climate change. I now know better and I believe that I have a great role to play.
Owen Patel
Rainbow Life


The great voices for a better environment

This site addresses our lifeline and so in my opinion, everyone really should find a way of joining the forum. I used to think that it was all up to the experts to get it done. But now I know just how much my effort matters
Connor Gibbons
Standard Brands Paint Company

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